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For five years Cub Scout Pack 10 has served the Salem area.  Ours is a year-round family-oriented organization providing boys -- grades 1 through 5 -- with a program to build character, learn citizenship and develop personal fitness, all while having FUN.

Pack 10 primarily draws its membership from Pringle and Lee elementary schools in South Salem, but is open to any interested boys, and has membership from other schools as well.

A couple of of our major activities during the year are our Pinewood Derby, where boys work with their parents or guardians to design and create a car that they will enter into competition with their friends, and Summer Camp, where the boys have the opportunity to do a variety of outdoor activities including BMX biking, horseback riding, orienteering, nature, wood crafts, archery, and BB gun shooting.

Scouting is a family activity and your ACTIVE participation is important.  The Pack is what we, parents & guardians, make it.  Come grow with us and help make a difference for the Cub Scouts and our community. 

Did you know that Scouts with five years tenure are more likely to:
• Resist peer pressure to take part in delinquent or dishonest activities 
• Graduate from high school 
• Graduate from college
 Assume leadership roles in clubs and school organizations; 
• Put the needs of others before themselves; 
• Have higher self-confidence

If this interests you or you know a boy who would enjoy scouting, then come see what Pack 10 is all about.  Join us at one of our upcoming events or a weekly meeting.  

Pack 10 meets the Thursday evenings at Our Saviors Lutheran Church at the top of Baxter Hill in South Salem.  
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Yours In Scouting,

Pat Anderson
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